Madison Lawson, Actress

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Budding actress, Madison Lawson, wanted a website that was simple and elegant. The front page of the site features several of her favorite headshots, contact info for her agents, and her personal details.

October 15, 2013

  • Web design for actress Madison Lawson
  • MadisonLawson

In her own words…

“My name is  Madison Nicole Lawson. I was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, USA. Growing up in the South has been an amazing blessing for me. It has many advantages. I love the beauty, the wide, open spaces, and I love being surrounded by family and friends. My acting career is a journey that is allowing me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and visit some wonderful places. I love what I do. Acting is not a job for me, it is my passion. I look at each job as an opportunity to grow as a performer, and as a person, and I use these opportunities to impact others in a positive, lasting way.”

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